My name is Brendan.

A little bit about me...

Hi there!  Thanks for dropping by.  As you already know, my name is Brendan Manley.  Born in Oakville, raised in Calgary – Atlanta – Boston – Ottawa.  As a family, we had the tremendous opportunity to live a life of travel.  My childhood has prepared me for the unexpected and I am excited to embrace what’s next!  My life is characterized by 4 main aspects:

Sports.  I am a washed-up Junior hockey player, I try to be good at wakeboarding, I try to be good at rugby, I try to be good at soccer, I try to do a lot of things.  Sports have always been my passion.

Family and Friends.  Life is an unbelievable journey and wouldn’t be this fulfilling if I weren’t blessed to spend it with my family and friends.  Developing my relationships with these very important people in my life is a big priority.

Travel.  I have visited many beautiful places: Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand.  Aside from the thrilling adventures, this has also allowed me to bring a global perspective to my business background, which leads to my final passion…

Business.  Queen’s University has helped me learn about all fields of business.  It has influenced my passion for entrepreneurship and has enabled me to become a self-starter.  My education and work experience has allowed me to develop a proactive, participative and communicative approach, in addition to a VERY strong work ethic that can be applied to any business situation.

I am continually placing myself in situations where I can gain diverse experiences and knowledge that will be beneficial to my future.  Using this knowledge, I try to lead and innovate whether establishing businesses or volunteering.  If you’re looking to get in touch, I can be found…

















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